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Wifi to IR TV Remote Kit for Androids

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Already have an Android Smartphone or Android tablet? Now you can re-purpose your Smartphone or Android tablet into a TV remote control system with this WIFI to IR blaster kit and the TouchSquid TV remote control app.  You too can have the power and control of a harmony or pronto TV remote without spending a fortune.

Employing an iTach device and remote control software available from TouchSquid, the Android smartphone or Android tablet is transformed into a universal remote control in a matter of minutes. In combination with the TouchSquid TV remote control and code capture app, you can access the TV, DVD, cable box, and almost any other electrical device from any room in the house without wiring.

This  iTach Wi-Fi to Infrared Adapter (WF2IR) provides Wi-Fi 802.11b/g connectivity to infrared (IR) devices in a box that fits in the palm of your hand. It includes both a blaster and emitters to control all of your components and wirelessly control infrared devices over a network and the Internet.

This Wi-Fi model should be used whenever a direct Ethernet port is not available. The WF2IR includes 3 IR emitter ports. The third emitter port can be used with the included IR blaster to control many devices by placing the blaster in front of the set of devices to be controlled. Also includes 3 single-emitter cables for attachment directly to the infrared receiver window of devices to be controlled.

Update: Unfortunately, we are no longer able to bundle these products together. The TouchSquid App must be purchased either through Google Play or the Amazon App Market in order for users to get automatic updates.

Hardware Components:
WF2IR Wi-Fi to IR External Blaster
Three IR Emitters
IR Blaster
Power Adapter
Quick Start Guide

Hardware Features
Power input – 12V DC@500mA (wall power adapter included)
Network connection – 802.11b (compatible to 802.11b/g) with 2.5″ antenna
Wi-Fi can be used from anywhere and does not require line-of-sight access or wiring
Three independent user selectable IR outputs or sensor inputs – 3.5mm mono jack
Third IR port supports IR blaster
Full spectrum IR learner built in
Includes three IR emitters and one IR blaster
Dimensions: 6.0″ L x 3.0″ D x 1.25″ H

Included Software:
TouchSquid TV Remote Control App

TouchSquid TV Remote App Features:
Activity-based controls turn on all required devices with one touch
Big buttons that are easy to see in the dark
Unlimited Profiles and Activities Set-up
Set up profiles for your living room, family room, bedroom….
Each profile can control up to 10 activities for up to 10 devices
Built-in database of over 200,000 devices
Store your Favorite Channels, websites, apps with their own icons
Quick access to favorites
Browse the net for information on your  shows, movies or actors
One button instant access to Google or Facebook
No need to use another computer to set up
Pain-free guide for step-by-step setup
Software App Customer support by phone, email or through user forum

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  1. Comment by Dan — 04/09/2012 @ 10:15 pm

    I would like to use my Toshiba Thrive as a universal remote using your software, what hardware do I need to accomplish this?

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